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Directed by you James Corden x Mercedes-Benz #CLAstory

As part of a wider brand sharpening exercise, Mercedes-Benz wanted to lower the perceived driving age from 47 to 35 by 2020. We created #CLAstory to engage Mercedes-Benz social community and demonstrates Mercedes-Benz as an industry leader in modern social communications by handing over control of a luxury brand to consumers.

#CLAstory is an open-sourced Instagram and YouTube campaign aimed at supporting the best and brightest fledgling filmmakers. Three Instagrammers – Jiri Siftar (@jeera 252k followers), Alan Brutenic (@alinsko 80k followers) and Allan Edward Hinton (@chaiwalla 168k followers) – were given a day to create a scene each featuring actor, comedy writer, producer and presenter, James Corden. Their scenes provide a basic framework forming the beginning, middle and end of a storyboard.

#CLAstory is an initiative which gives others the chance to tell their story and present the Mercedes-Benz brand in a way that is credible, relevant and appealing to them. It means we can pair an as yet unknown-but-talented director with one of the country’s most well-known actors – and one of our coolest cars.
Rob Halloway, Communications and Events Director,

Creative Director

Holler Leo Burnett