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Red Bull Media House has had a longstanding relationship with Danny MacAskill. And each experience has to be better than the last. Or at least have something unusual and never been done about it.
On 10 November 1985, the Argentinean town of Epecuén was completely covered in water after the nearby dam broke. Now that the water has receded, it’s possible to explore the town. In fact, it has never appeared on Google maps.
Until now. We helped Danny MacAskill map his tricks all over the ghostly ruins, overlayed on a fully explorable Google map of Epecuén. The digital experience allowed users to view each trick and poinpoint it’s location on the ruined town.


MacAskill’s stunts give meaning to the abandoned town
Danny take his riding back to the roots of trials riding
A triumphant return to form
Some serious skill and imagination
“a playground for MacAskill’s amazing talents”
“The creativity, technicality, and overall grace of his riding is unlike anything else”
“Pushing the levels of both his riding and filming”

“This is the most wonderful film that I have ever seen. Just want to say WOW. Your skill in using bicycle like that is over, over extraordinary”

Tu Luong

“Simply spectacular!”

Osvaldo Fernández

“Danny is an absolutely amazing man! Viva Argentina”

Denis Molochaev


Charlie Thomas

“Well… it seems you’ve got better… a lot better… a lot ! :)”

Sam Schoettner

“This was amazing::!! Danny… You are the King..”

Danijel Košćuk

Creative Director

Holler Leo Burnett