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For the players

PlayStation was seeing high engagement and sharing on social. But most of the engagement came either from named titles or product releases. Without an always-on content strategy, they weren’t part of the everyday, wider conversation. In order to make the brand voice louder and more relevant, they needed to be reactive, plugged into trending topics and events, fun, playful and irreverent. And, consistently beat the previous high levels of engagement.

Our hardcore audience – as well as a more mainstream audience across Europe – love games as an ultimate escapism. Their day-to-day real world lives are a treadmill, with little noticeable reward on any given day, difficulty curves too steep to climb or a wash-rinse-repeat monotony. When they’re in game worlds they become resolute, purposeful, unstoppable. But we found that even when they’re not playing on they’re PS4, they’re thinking about or even ‘playing’ their console games in their heads. A lifetime of gaming has rewired their brain so that they never really stop playing.

Australia's Tim Cahill let a long ball drop over his shoulder and smashed an unforgettable first-time volley in off the underside of the crossbar against the Netherlands at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The Cahil volley was one of the first great goals of the 2014 World Cup. What if we could recreate it using PlayStation controls on FIFA?

When we looked deep into PlayStation brand culture, we saw that true fans went mad for their iconic triangle, circle, square and cross symbols. From earrings to tattoos, it’s a truly ownable brand language – a rare thing. What if we could speak that language? Dialling into breaking news stories, online and offline culture, our pitch demonstrated how PlayStation could speak the language of true players and join the wider conversation.

Creative Director

Holler Leo Burnett