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A lasting legacy

GSK provided official laboratory services to the London 2012 Games. For the first time, if an athlete made it to the podium, you could be sure they had all been tested. They wanted to show how their involvement would have a lasting impact throughout the UK. As part of their involvement, they opted to give away their ticket allowance back to their employees. They wanted to create buzz and focus, with the potential for a lasting legacy once the games were over.

When we looked into the audience of 87,000 employees we found they were focused, busy people being bombarded with a host of activities to opt into across 83 geographies. Worse still, many of the activities vying for their attention were pretty compelling – like the opportunity to volunteer in a local school or charity, or partner with a colleague from another country to work on disease-beating projects. How could we compete? We couldn’t. Although the thought of a free ticket to the Olympics wasn’t too shabby. What was needed was a simple unifying thought: We’re all in this together.

We developed a physical, interactive and digital experience that could be packed up and moved to GSK locations around the UK and will finally end up at the Games in East London.

We also created a concept idea for a permanent exhibit in London’s Science museum where children could interact with a robot arm that performs a live drug test in laboratory conditions.

“Team GSK has become a galvanising force for both new existing programmes that had previously sat in silos, from a sporting charity challenge, to employee volunteering and science outreach programmes to health and well-being. This has been particularly useful for the smaller programmes that have been able to benefit from the planning, and budget, of Team GSK to raise profile. Although the sponsorship of London 2012 will conclude for good at the end of this year, many of the other programmes will continue as part of business as usual and the hope – and all the signs – are that their association with Team GSK will increase awareness and participation.” Clare Brosnan, Programme Manager for London 2012 at GSK


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