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vitaminwater launched as the drink of choice among New York’s style influencers. Outside the US however, being a fairly new product with a premium price tag, it lacked a clear role in people’s lives. The challenge was to find that purpose, connect with consumers in a meaningful way, and generate massive social buzz. vitaminwater’s ambition was to position themselves as the “fuel for ideas” amongst artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and media professionals.

We found our target audience – cultural entrepreneurs, creative influencers and style hunters – whilst being cynical of short-lived marketing techniques, were open minded optimists, amenable to authentic, long-term support from brands who support good works. We focussed on the true creative who works hard to make their ambitions a reality. Much like vitaminwater’s long-term sustaining effect of vitamins – It’s more important to them than the initial rush of traditional fizzy drinks. Creativity requires determination, focus, resilience – which in turn gives the brand cut-through and authenticity

#ShineBright launched as the opportunity to kickstart your creative career, following in the footsteps of today’s best and brightest creatives. 6 cultural entrepreneurs across Europe represented each vitaminwater flavour. Our cultural entrepreneurs offered mentoring to help emerging talent realise a brighter potential. #ShineBright came to life with Shinebright Studio, a high profile gallery space at the Truman Brewery, with work from up and coming talent.

The studio hosted a series of exhibitions, showcasing collections centered around art and fashion alongside one-off mentoring sessions from Susie Lau – Style Bubble, Mikey Trapstar – Trapstar and photographer Theo Gosselin. Aspiring creatives attended a series of workshops hosted by Jamal Edwards and Foxes. The Studio also offered one creative the chance to exhibit their work in the final week, whilst a place on the School For Creative Start-Up’s nine-month training and support programme was also given away. We built on vitamin water’s brand handwriting to create a campaign identity that celebrated and inspired creativity whilst rooted in core iconic assets. Identity across digital, film, live experience, PR, Instagram Twitter, Promotion, Event, Invitational Sampling.

The campaign ran across NW Europe & Nordics. The out of home campaign generated the highest ever brand recognition levels resulting in the biggest uplifts in trial. Brand imagery was also positively impacted: cultural creatives now saw it as “cool” and would help them “be their best”.




belief in vitaminwater being an entrepreneurial brand


conversion to purchase amongst direct contacts
“Offering inspiring mentoring sessions to young people”
“Exciting new pop-up space from glacéau vitaminwater is a vibrant hub of creative inspiration”
“Specially designed to help young creative talent be at their best”
“Supporting aspiring creatives in a series of exciting projects, all geared towards giving them a step up the creative industry ladder”
“Vitaminwater’s #Shinebright campaign embraces Generation Go”
“A profusion of creative inspiration at Brick Lane summer pop-up”

Creative Director

Holler Leo Burnett