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To the line

Technology innovation is core to every Mercedes-Benz and is often the differentiator. But people aren’t confident navigating the differences between “pre-safe impulse” and “pre-safe brake”, or between “active lane keeping assist” and “collision prevention assist”. Not to mention a baffling array of abbreviations. Not to mention that the factual explanations of the technology are so far from “burning rubber” and “gleaming metal” content that brand fans were sharing on social. They are simply boring.

“To the line” is a social film in which we test both the limits of human capability and of the technology inside the car.

In our launch film, we see a driver standing alone on the top of the Met-Life building, Manhattan.

A giant Mercedes-Benz badge has been painted on the floor, marking out a circle.

A C-Class is airlifted onto the roof by a Bell 407 helicopter.

The driver climbs in, starts the engine and we see him engage “active lane keeping assist”.

He dons a blindfold.

The task: Drive as close to the edge of the roof as possible, keeping within the circle.

The content is breathtaking, unmissable action. It’s aimed to reset the standard of the automotive product demonstration, taking the lead with likes and shares on social. It has yet to be made.

Creative Director

Holler Leo Burnett