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Ford created the Vignale badge as a symbol of a new design direction. A process that started in 2014 at the Milan Design show, It was bold – a departure from the traditional marketing channels taken by automotive manufacturers. Named after the Italian coach builder Alfredo Vignale, responsible for designing for Ferrari, Maserati, and Alpha Romeo, the Ford Vignale badge stands apart from it’s parent brand, offer touches of luxury not found in the rest of the range.

It’s an ethos that draws inspiration from the wider worlds of architecture, fashion and design to bring about a product that feels more of it’s time than a car should. But it had no brand essence, no assets and no voice of it’s own. As with every new automotive launch, no one outside of the automotive press knew about it.

When we looked at the target audience we found that they were often busy people who treat themselves to a bit of luxury now and then. They quite often moved up and down categories, purchasing premium, basics and luxury items when it suited them. Independent thinkers. We found they were less concerned with a car’s features. These are a given. In fact they were much more likely to respond favourably to a premium product when shown the personal lifestyle benefits.

Thanks to a whisper-quiet, noise cancelling interior, Vignale gives you a sense of space in an unnaturally paced world. It feels quieter, almost cocoon like. And it doesn’t just stop at the car. The Vignale concierge service wraps-in extras you would only expect from a high-end luxury brand.

Brand evolution:

In a mixed up world that continuously drains your time and energy, Vignale is spacious and minimal, detailed perfectionism, exuberant yet timeless, an authentic design vision, evocative of a certain mystery and fantasy... Filled with emotional intelligence, exclusivity, and most important of all a surprising alternative to the usual suspects, that gives you back a renewed sense of time and space.

We created a lifestyle brand that elevated Vignale's unique features but centred around the notion of giving you back your sense of time and space in a world that tells you otherwise.
We developed a brand essence, visual style and design principles to bring the brand to life across all touch-points. These included digital screen designs, pop-ups that allow you to sample the whisper quiet interior and an outdoor campaign centrered around "Go your own way", encouraging people to forget FOMO and being "always on" but instead to seek the calm that Vignale stands for.


of total European sales from high-end models, such as the Vignale – first half sales 2016

The Ford Mondeo actually comes of age. It’s no longer terrible. In fact, it’s quite a nice way to travel, and you might – might – just consider it before defaulting to a German brand. Ford has thrown a lot of soundproofing at the Vignale, and the result is it’s noticeably more refined. There might just be some method in the madness.

Vignale offers something to buyers who would usually consider cars from BMW and Audi. It’s more for people who aren’t influenced by brand snobbery.

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Consultant at Ogilvy