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By the start of 2013, Vodafone faced two challenges: unifying their brand throughout their worldwide market, and evolving their brand perception from technology provider to service provider.

Moving towards a more dynamic future, the existing Vodafone visual identity was graphically transformed through a diagonal device affectionately referred to by Vodafone as “The Rhombus”. It cuts across other elements, calling for attention and inviting participation. It’s unavoidable. It’s involved.

It’s hard to improve on one of the world’s best brands. With the refreshed Core Identity, we made the brand more dynamic in digital and social by bringing in clear rules, animation and sample digital executions for local markets, making it easy to execute flawlessly.Brand guidelines and digital identity design.

“Our new visual brand identity is a true representation of Vodafone: never static – always moving – and ensuring that our technology empowers everyone who uses it.”

Barbara Haase,
Group Brand Director, Vodafone

Creative Director

Grey / Brand Union