Skyscanner Through the Eyes of a Child

People hate hidden booking fees and last minute extras added to their bill when they go searching online for travel deals. Skyscanner takes a transparent position on this and doesn’t add any extra fees. It’s one of the best features about the service. Children see the world around them with limitless and unhindered wonder, with a sense of ease, fairness and simplicity that tends to disappear as we enter adulthood. It felt fitting to use this to express Skyscanner’s core belief that travel should be as simple, fair and honest.

We worked with actor Matt Smith as the ad’s voiceover, with MOBO nominated jazz singer Zara McFarlane performing “If I could see the world through your eyes’ as the ad’s soundtrack. Zara McFarlane to create our own music for the spot. The ad was accompanied by an outdoor and digital campaign.

Client: Skyscanner
Studio: Leo Burnett
Role: Creative Director


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