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I have been using generative AI models ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Runway since March 2022 and more recently Gemini. As a skilled Prompt Engineer, I am practised at crafting highly effective prompts to guide these models. I specialise in natural language text (often fooling AI detectors), stunning art direction, and video.

I am passionate about exploring the potential of generative AI for real client work and continually refining my techniques to produce exceptional results. I have started writing about this on my blog Unreality Labs.

 In this fast moving space we all need to learn how to chat with these large language models. I have worked with AI in advertising for over seven years, but only recently have I implemented generative AI into my creative practice. I specialise in crafting precise and effective prompts for generative AI models, particularly large language models like GPT-4.


Prompt Design, Development, and Refinement

The quality of a prompt directly influences the output, and I have a deep understanding of the nuances, limitations, and best practices that ensure optimal results. Whether you need help creating copy or building automated workflows, I have a demonstrated ability to create prompts that guide AI models towards generating the desired responses and outputs. By carefully considering factors such as context, phrasing, and constraints – as well as staying on top of the latest advancements – I can iterate and refine prompts for continual improvement and provide clear, accompanying documentation.

Building Automated Workflows

My skills extend beyond individual prompt creation. I have a strong background in developing scalable, automated workflows that leverage AI to generate a high volume of educational content - efficiently and effectively. These workflows not only reduce manual effort, but also maintain a consistently high quality bar.

AI and Your Brand

Generative AI is a great way to build your brand. It can be done ethically and safely. There are lots of applications where you can save time and budget by moving your workflow over to generative AI. For more on this see my Thoughts section of this site.

Resources and Training with Unreality Labs

As generative AI is new for most of us, and a lot of the material out there is either highly technical or poorly written, I am developing my own course material to bring creatives up to speed with generative AI. Follow the journey here at Unreality Labs.

Free Your Imagination

AI prompt engineering is an incredible asset for any creative project. There are many ways to implement generative AI workflows that are safe, ethical and that produce amazing results. I’ve written about a few of these:



Play with my GPTs



I have begun sharing my work in the form of ready built and tested GPTs. So far two GPTs are live. In order to use these you will need a ChatGPT subscription:




Let’s connect

If you need AI prompt engineering, please send through an enquiry with the form at the bottom of the page. I’m available for freelance consultancy work. Thanks.


Chomoi Picho-Owiny Profile Picture

Chomoi Picho-Owiny is an internationally awarded digital, social and integrated freelance creative director in London. He helps clients and studios navigate the evolving generative AI landscape, the chaos of social, and complex customer experiences, to build brands that perform, and matter in culture.


Every Wednesday I share the best in creative, tools, resources, updates and crucially real insights on how the top 1% of creatives think.

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Dream to work with

There is only one word for Chomoi. PHENOMENAL. I LOVED working with this man. He’s creative gold. Absolutely brilliant and a dream to work with. He’s just great.

Lucy Witts

Senior Producer, Venture Video

A great inspiration

I had the pleasure of working with Chomoi and and it was great to see such a passionate and articulate creative director in action. He was a great inspiration to the team, a true professional.

Mandy Chan

Senior Interaction Designer, Google

A valuable mentor for me

Chomoi is a highly skilled and passionate creative director. I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a great deal during our time working together... He is a person who champions creative thinking, has excellent presentation skills that are effective when communicating with clients and the wider team. Chomoi was also a valuable mentor for me, sharing his knowledge in the interests of seeing me succeed.

Fernando Lobina

Senior Designer, AKQA

A true inspiration

Chomoi is a true inspiration. His ideation is innovative. His mentoring is invaluable. I will take so much away from working alongside someone with such an abundance of experience.

Amber Howe

Design Lead, IBM Expert Labs

I’d jump at the chance to work with him again

Chomoi was always driven towards creating the best possible work we could. He's an inspiring mentor, and I'd jump at the chance to work with him again.

Eleanor Nugent

Creative Director, Warner Bros.

Genuine creative talent

Chomoi is insightful, passionate and a genuine creative talent. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and you can always rely on Chomoi to come up with strong creative work to be proud of at every meeting. I miss working with him and recommend him extremely highly!

Maggie Lonergan

CEO, Publicis Emil

A rare breed

Chomoi was an inspiration. He created solutions that clients loved, users understood, all the while focusing on the bottom line of the business. His innovative style always pushed projects further than the brief. A rare breed of Creative Director.

Hitesh Supeda

Senior Experience Designer, Habitat

An inspiring professional

He's simply an inspiring professional and a great leader. He always strives to reach creativity excellence with a smile on.

Sara Simoncini

Art Director, Sapient

Visionary and out of the box

His presentation style is extremely consultative and collaborative. He always had the end user in the centre and spun ideas that were visionary and out of the box.

Pawan Udernani

Senior Director, Publicis Sapient

His greatest forte is to contantly question key fundamentals of what’s being delivered

Highly conceptual and always hands on, Chomoi has been a storm of inspiration in every project I've worked with him. He is also quite a connoisseur of fine dining and boutique hotels.

Daisoo Lee

Creative Director, Sky

Innovative ideas

Chomoi has the ability to grasp the business need of the client, understand what the brand stands for and come up with original innovative ideas to solve the clients business problems - quicker than any other creative director I have worked with.

Shailesh Sreedharan

Senior Manager, Publicis Sapient

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