Untitled Media Group is a London based innovation company with a creative studio at their core. They are constantly on the search for bright ideas in creative, art, design and extended reality. Their mission is to "bring you the most eye-openeing" projects to create better, more strategically relevant work. Learn more about them here.

They also write their own editorial, some of our favourites here.

The work of Minwook Paeng explores our addiction with social media

Painting with Foam – Momentary Joys of Life, Stephanie Luening, Artist

Thelma’s Laid Back Quirky Feels Right, Photography by Lindsey Harris Shorter

In Case You Missed it, Nike Finally Eats Itself, Creates Self-Lacing Shoe

Mind the “Uuh”, Train Yourself to Avoid Using UUH Fill Words

The Art of Zeinab Diomande (AKA Z the Rat) Explores Mental Health and the Experience of Being a Black Woman

Weird Sensation Feels Good: The World of ASMR currently showing at The Design Museum, London

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