Max Factor Make Glamour Happen

Facing a category that was being challenged on every social channel, upsetting traditional product messaging Max Factor had to do something differently. Our audience told us outright that beauty brands were out of sync with what it’s like to be a women today. To add to this, Max Factor was facing it's own brand crisis: It wasn’t seen as aspiring, nor was it talked about – and crucially, it had nothing to “wow" in-store. Our task was to reclaim and own “glamour” when glamour was being eroded by modern life.

Client: Max Factor
Studio: Leo Burnett
Role: Creative Director


Our campaign platform #makeglamourhappen started by mobilising our make-up artist network. We asked each artist to define what glamour meant to them, personally. A bold a call to inspire you to find your own glamour. 

To authentically re-engage with our audience, we centred activity around the makeup process itself with a pop-up glamour studio – show you how to create glamour regardless. This allowed us to have impromptu shoots as well as more choreographed moments with talent and influencers. More importantly, it gave our audience the chance to have glamour land in the middle of their Saturday morning shopping experience, and re-appraise Max Factor as a "wow" brand. 


We actively encouraged women to share #makeglamourhappen on social which in turn helped spread the conversation.


#makeglamourhappen is a truly global social campaign platform that allows markets different levels of effort, running for over 6 months and generating thousands of tweets, shares and engagements. Fans were able to engage and simply enjoy the feeling of being glamorous without any of the associated guilt. It allows all women to choose their own version of glamour and be bold about it without fuss or conceit.

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