UN Women Draw the Line

Whilst #metoo gave women and men strength to confront past and present attackers, violence against women and girls remains hidden in plain sight affecting 1 in 4 women in the UK, and up to 70% in some parts of the world. Through  influencer and celeb support our #drawaline campaign asked the public to help us end the silence and to bring about change.

Client: UN Women
Studio: Blue State
Role: Creative Director


“The prevalence of violence and the abuse of power is shocking, as are the impacts on individuals, communities, companies and nations. We are proud to be engaging people across the UK, raising awareness and much needed funds for UN Women’s programmes that work to change policy, help survivors and prevent future violence. It is time to #drawaline. For all the women who have said #metoo, for all men who believe they should help and for all of humanity – it is time. This is your chance to turn words into action.”

Laura Haynes, chair, UN Women UK

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