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Investing is evolving. Into sustainable investing. Today's investors aren't solely focused on financial returns. They want to align their investments with their values and leave behind a planet positive legacy for the next generation. The growing field of sustainable investing presents a unique opportunity for wealth management firms to serve the needs of these socially conscious investors. We positioned UBS as a thought leader in sustainable investing, improving brand awareness, association and loyalty.

For the ultra-high-net-worth individual, the financial landscape is dense with opportunities - but understanding how personal values and financial growth can intersect isn’t always clear. Many wealth management companies focus on impact investing, so UBS needed to stand out in a unique way to a highly discerning audience.

Research showed that while many were interested in aligning investments with their values, a knowledge gap persisted - and most financial institutions were failing to address this in a clear and engaging way. UBS, recognising the evolving needs of investors and a cultural shift towards purpose-driven finance wanted to lead the conversation on sustainable investing. But they needed to cut through the noise. They needed to demonstrate that they were true thought leaders in this space.

We made investing engaging with a beautifully designed, interactive quiz that lived within The New York Times digital ecosystem. Beautiful illustrations with an abstract collage aesthetic helped to create a surprising and memorable experience - nothing like a traditional investment bank.

The quiz empowered audiences to discover their own investment personality and learn where their interests aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With each question, participants delve deeper into their values, culminating in one of five distinct investor profiles, aligning them with potential sustainable opportunities.



  • 614k page views

  • 32,000 readers have completed the quiz

  • 83 million impressions on social, exceeding set KPIs by 2,421%

  • 180 million impressions on The New York Times

  • 3.6% engagement rate on Facebook, 3 times higher than benchmark

  • 69% of readers felt that UBS was an expert on sustainable investing

  • 62% felt UBS was a bank for someone like them

  • 60% would be likely to contact UBS


  • OMMA Awards Best Custom Advertising
  • Digiday Awards Best Custom Advertising Campaign

Studio: The New York Times / Creative Direction: Chomoi Picho-Owiny


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