vitaminwater Shine Bright Studio

vitaminwater launched as the drink of choice among New York's style makers. But it lacked a clear role in people's lives outside of this community. Our challenge was to find that purpose and connect with people in a meaningful way. We focussed on the true creative trailblazer who works hard to make thier ambitions a reality. #ShineBright Studio launched to kickstart creative careers through mentoring and exposure at high profile gallery space the Truman Brewery.

Client: vitaminwater
Studio: Holler Leo Burnett
Role: Creative Director


To generate interest on social we positioned vitaminwater as the "fule for ideas" amongst designers, artists, entrepreneurs and media professionals.

We created the creative idea, core philosophy and visual identity of #ShineBright Studio centred around the key attributes creativity requires: determination, focus, reslience, and play.


#ShineBright Studio exhibited art and fashion alongside mentoring sessions from Susi Lau, Trapstar and Theo Gosselin. Aspiring creatives packed out workshops by Christopher Raybern, Rosie Wofenden, Jamal Edwards and Foxes.


Art Direction by Nick Bygraves

We offered one creative the chance to win a place on a nine-month training programme.

#ShineBright ran across NW Europe & Nordics. Brand perception was positively impacted: cultural creatives now saw it as "cool" and it would help them "be their best".



Total impressions


belief in vitaminwater being an entrepreneurial brand


Conversion to purchase with direct contacts

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